Trainee Survey

Covid-19 and Paediatric Cardiology Questionnaire

Dear all, 
Hope you’re all as well as can be at the moment. 
Ryan and I would to ask for your help in understanding the impact of the pandemic on trainees.
The nature of our in-patient work in paediatric cardiology has changed in a way that is perhaps unique. We have not abandoned everything that we do to focus on COVID, as many specialities have, because so much of what we do cannot be put on hold. In many cases we have continued on, but in a vastly altered landscape. I doubt there is even a consistent experience throughout paediatric cardiology. Those in children’s hospitals will have a different experience to those in combined hospitals. Those in London will have had an experience that is meaningfully distinct from those where things might be a bit greener.
As we try to work our way through this and plan for next year, it’s going to be important to look at the impact that various changes have had on you. 
These include, changes to your work environment, personal circumstances and also to training. 
The link below is a survey that we have put together to try and characterise the nature of the changes in these 3 areas across our population of junior doctors, and then to assess the impact on those changes on your levels of stress. 
The intention behind this is to try and generate recommendations about training and the workplace. We hope to present the findings to the SAC, and if we feel there is something that other specialities can also benefit from, we will try to disseminate it. 
Some of the questions are fairly personal. The input is anonymous. None of the questions have been made compulsory so if you feel the combination of your training centre, training level age and gender make you identifiable and you would prefer that not to be the case - please don’t feel you have to fill those parts in.  
But please do take the time to fill it in. It will take just under 5 minutes of your time and the more high-quality information we have the better position we will be in to know if anything needs to change. If you would additionally like to contact us with comments that were not captured by the survey, please also feel free to do so.

Thanks again for taking the time, big love.
Sadia and Ryan